Why is the guy with cancer the happiest man in the room?

Graham Walker joins me again, primarily because I find his attitude to life so inspiring. This time he talks about the bladder cancer treatment he is going through.

Odds of Survival 50% – Still Smiling! by Christopher Mockridge on Mixcloud

Catch Graham’s book here, and do check out the story of his early life here and here

Cannabis, healing or harmful?: Two personal stories

Alison can trace her sons problems right back to when he started using cannabis at age thirteen. Greg started using cannabis to treat Crones disease age 22. In this program they both put forward their case that cannabis is not completely safe, but whilst Alison believes in the current illegal status of the drug, Greg argues that it should be sold openly to adults who want and/or need it.

Cannabis, healing or harmful – two personal journeys. by Christopher Mockridge on Mixcloud

A number of organisation were mentioned during the programme, including NORML and ISCD, of which Professor David Nutt is a leading figure. The Home Office offer confidential advice about drugs at their FRANK website and helpline.

Why is the Big Issue seller the smartest guy in town?

Part one of Graham’s remarkable story can be found here and his book can be bought here



Graham Walker – Unsettled – part 2 – the extraordinary life and times of a Big Issue Man by Christopher Mockridge on Mixcloud

Can Totnes credit union replace my bank?

The Plough and Share Credit Union have a branch in Totnes, which makes me wonder if I could ditch my bank?

Credit unions, an alternative to banks? by Christopher Mockridge on Mixcloud

This recording features Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed by Show of Hands, used with permission

In a hole, climbed a mountain – Unsettled – the life of a Big Issue man

I wonder what kind of man I’d be if I had been raised in the way that Graham Walker was? Long form interview with Graham, author of Unsettled, in which he talks about his extreme early life, and life on the streets. The man is an inspiration.

picture of graham walkers book unsettled


Graham Walker – Unsettled. In a hole, climbed a mountain. The life of a big issue man. by Christopher Mockridge on Mixcloud

Unsettled can be bought from Tangent Books, I sincerely recommend it.