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Cheap rail travel (for those with special powers)

On the way to the train station I was thinking that when I scrap my car it would be good to switch to public transport and taxis. At the station the machine offered me a ticket price double what I expected, so I bought a ticket for half price at the ticket office. It’s unusual that the office was manned, how lucky I was.
On the train it was a bit crushed, no seats. Empty first class and cramped steerage by the toilets.
At Exeter St Davids there are automatic gates that let you out most efficiently as you insert your ticket. My son ran through and was instantly lost in the crowd whilst I fumbled. There are four gates, and problems like my wayward son are common enough that the gates must be manned, five workers attend the four ‘automatic’ gates.
On the return journey I read in the Metro that trust in rail companies is at an all time low, with South West Trains rated at -18% (whatever that means).
My friend works in transport and he describes the pricing situation as ‘a standard price, with a series of discounts’. I don’t experience it like that though.
What I feel is that the price I’m offered could almost certainly be beaten if only I had some key piece of insider information, perhaps a single ticket as far as the next franchise, then perhaps a return ticket from there…
Our current rail system is like a cafe serving bacon and eggs, where you don’t get a plate but can claim money back because the knife and fork were dirty. Upon finishing your meal, you get to find out that the couple opposite paid half the amount because they had ordered eggs with a side order of bacon.

Everyday sexism, but rare on Drive Thru

Just had the MOST astonishing conversation with Daniel on Mc Donalds drive through. He asked me whether the happy meal was for a boy, or a girl.

picture of mc donalds hot wheels racer

His and hers?

I wondered why?
He told me it was because they have toys for boys and toys for girls.
I told him my child’s gender was irrelevant and asked what toys they had.
He asked again after a heavy sigh, via the intercom, IS IT FOR A BOY OR A GIRL?
He wasn’t going to budge on this one.
At the next window, he told me that children need to have gender ‘strongly enforced’.
I told him that you don’t need a penis to appreciate cars, and sometimes my boy likes to wear pink dresses.
He told me that I was pushing a gay agenda, but that he is simply acting in accordance with God’s Will as taught to mankind via the Bible.

I asked him if he was working in accordance with the Mc Donalds policy.
He told me that the managers had spoken to him about this issue, and he grinned from ear to ear ‘they aren’t going to sack me’.
He told me that children need to be raised as sexual beings with strong gender roles. I told him that HE was pursuing an agenda. If you need specific genitals in order to play properly with these toys, I reasoned, then they are not children’s toys.
His manager saw things my way, Daniel was in the office before I even reached the front counter.
The incident has got me pondering Mc Donalds position on this. On the one hand they cannot be caught making a religious employee behave against their religion. On the other, they cannot be seen to tolerate Daniel’s bigotry, everyone loves to hate Mc Donalds, how will they respond?

While I ponder this, has anyone got a copy of the gay agenda? I must have missed the meeting.

Mat Price on Growing up Gay

Mat Price – Proud2Be – gender stereotyping, growing up, sexual abuse by Christopher Mockridge on Mixcloud

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this programme

you might like to visit the Proud2Be website.

Civic Hall packed to hear of Duke’s plans

Nearly three hundred people gathered yesterday to hear how the Duke of Somerset’s building ambitions will close the last remaining dairy farm in Totnes.

The Duke was welcomed, but in his absence only Friends of Great Court Farm gave a presentation, in which we outlined concerns about Totnes traffic, which is set to increase already. The notorious True Street Corner was a focus of attention, as well the ‘rat run effect’ of motorists avoiding Brdgetown Hill, all of which must pass St John Primary school. Traffic from the proposed estate can only add.

You can listen again to the presentation, download it as a podcast or watch it on the video below

YouTube Preview Image

Find out why this meeting was more significant than the Duke’s own consultation here. Follow the Friends of Great Court Farm on Facebook and Twitter.

Full disclosure: I am a member of Friends of Great Court Farm


The extraordinary life of photographer Robert Davidson

Most famous for photographing Frank Zappa on the toilet, Robert Davidson talks openly about the horrors of war, how he’ll follow a woman anywhere and why he isn’t rich yet.


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