Meet the Candidates: Totnes Constituency

candidates for totnes constituency

Julian Brazil – Lib Dem

FOR: Works hard as County Councillor, has worked as science teacher, came second last election, could be tactical vote

AGAINST: Lib Dems unlikely to win here, may suffer as support for Lib Dems affected by coalition performance, Brazil was found guilty of bullying in 2009

Gill Coombs – Green

FOR: Green Surge felt in Totnes, could be tactical vote

AGAINST: Unlikely to win in Tory heartland

Justin Haque – UKIP

FOR: UKIP are a little bit racist, and this might suit you

AGAINST: UKIP are a little bit racist, Haque is also a stockbroker (like Farage who is an ex commodities trader), so the idea that they are anti-establishment is false

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Nicky Williams – Labour

FOR: Could be tactical vote, raises money for RSPB and Woodland Trust, experience of multi-million pound budget as Plymouth Councillor

AGAINST: Unlikely to win based on past performance of Labour in Totnes

defaced tory sarah wollaston poster totnes

Sarah Wollaston – Conservative

FOR: National figure, works hard for All Trials, to get medical trial data published even when pharmaceutical companies would rather keep the results secret

AGAINST: Voted against whistleblower protection in high level paedophile cases, lacklustre attitude to tax avoidance, believes best we can do is avoid Amazon, Starbucks et al

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Do we believe that GCHQ don’t spy on paedophile MP’s?

Edward Snowed has revealed to us that we have all been weighed and measured by GCHQ and the NSA in America (1). The reason we are told we need this level of scrutiny is because amongst us are terrorists and paedophiles (2).

Does anyone really believe ‘The Government’ hasn’t subjected MP’s to the same level of observation as the rest of us? Do any of us really believe that MI5, GCHQ and the NSA don’t know what every Honourable Member gets up to (3)?

These spy agencies are failing to stop paedophile MP’s or wannabe ISIS goons, so why do we tolerate their abuse of our privacy, and who will believe that the security services aren’t being selectively ineffective when they miss opportunities to prosecute establishment criminals for decades (4)? Just how credible can our spies be when they can find no fire despite a sky full of smoke?

It’s time to reform these agencies, and with them the entire establishment. Let’s start with parliament. Let’s make a new rule. If you want to be an MP you must never, ever, rape children. What the public wants is not hard to discern, they just want decent people doing a decent job, not a bunch of old boys who close ranks to protect the sexually deviant (5).

Our local MP, Sarah Wollaston, voted against whistle blower protection in high level paedophile cases early this year (6). The proposal, put forward by John Mann MP, would have afforded workers protection from prosecution under the official secrets act. Currently, if your work is covered by the official secrets act, you face prison if you expose criminality to the press or police. If your boss is an MP, for example, you wouldn’t be a witness if you spoke out against them, but you could become a defendant in a case mounted against you.

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BREAKING: Katie Hopkins Found Dead at Exeter Home

YouTube Preview Image

Popular hate speech columnist, Katie Hopkins, has been found on a rickroll parody blog post.

Sadly the professional troll is still breathing, despite her repeated efforts to motivate murderous types (and almost everyone who isn’t evil).

In fairness she probably won’t give a damn that I’ve written this, in fact she claims to revel in criticism.

Despite her assertions to the contrary, all this effort to damn her fellow man is having a damaging effect on Hopkins, as the woman carry’s an alarm that is connected to the police, because she fears being murdered.

In her latest outpouring Hopkins suggested using gunboats instead of rescuing people fleeing war torn countries.

£42,000 Costs for Totnes Traffic Scheme, and counting…

A most controversial traffic scheme in Totnes has used up £42,000 so far, and that is before Devon County Council launch an appeal at Bristol High Court.

As of April 14th the ‘ETO’ in Totnes, which sees cars enter the Fore Street/High Street half way up and go either up town, or down, has cost thousands of pounds with £15,000 been spent on legal advice alone, due to the court case.

These cost look set to rise as the council are seeking leave to appeal a judgment against the ETO on a technical issue. Specifically, the new system should have been approved by the Secretary of State because it changed the route of Bob the Bus.

screenshot of dcc response

Devon County Council have £5,000 held back in case the appeal fails and the road must be returned to the old ‘one way up’, which critics say encourages rat running through town.


Last week a racist ex-banker spoke out in support of a war criminal, who in his turn was speaking out to support the words of a man so privileged he encountered grease for the first time during a sandwich eating performance.

Meanwhile, Sarah Wollaston, fresh from voting against whistle blower protection in high-level paedophile cases, turns to twitter to tell you the reason you can’t get a doctors appointment is because of Labour.

snippet of two tweets

All this hasn’t stopped the electorate though, in their droves they either do or don’t vote. And you have to wonder why?