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I’ve been away for a couple of months, doing an internship at a new TV channel, That’s Solent. Here’s a taste of what I’ve been up to.

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Even if one single ferret has been homed, then my work here is done.

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Sarah Wollaston – Tax Avoidance is OK because our companies do it too

Avoiding tax works both ways because
OUR corporations do it too – Sarah Wollaston.

Conservative MP for Totnes, Sarah Wollaston, made clear at a recent public meeting her position on corporate tax avoidance: It’s OK because our corporations do it too. Instead she puts the responsibility on individuals to shop responsibly

“If companies carry out the bulk of their business in this country they should be paying corporation tax. There are international agreements that cover these matters and of course we have companies here do the same when they have branches in other countries too. So if we take a stance that is very strict, we might find there knock-on disadvantages for other companies. What we can do as individual consumers is make a decision not to shop at Amazon, not to buy coffee at Starbucks”

Her comments reveal a lack of motivation to plug the estimated £80 Billion gap between what corporations should be paying and what they actually do pay.

Dr Wollaston was speaking to a packed public meeting in Bridgetown Church on 17th September 2014

Riverford face online ‘Bloodsport’ accusations, founder responds beautifully

Organic food brand, Riverford, producers of a popular nationwide veg box scheme, are under online attack from animal rights activists.

The firm was accused of supporting fox hunting by allowing it to take place on their land. The online protesters also pointed out that the sister of Riverford’s founder, Guy Watson, is Master of the Hunt. The online critisism grew quickly, within a couple of hours one commenter claimed he had bought Riverford milk that was already sour.

riverford organics bloodsport accusations on facebook

Guy Watson, former BBC Farmer of the Year, responded quickly with the following statement:

I do not fox hunt, never have and find it regrettable that anyone enjoys a sport that causes suffering to animals. I try to balance this position with two principles that I hold very strongly; firstly that tolerance is a virtue without which the world would be in constant conflict, and secondly that people should be free to make their own moral decisions wherever reasonably possible.

My family is made up of individuals who agree on most things and disagree on a few. My sister Louise, who I love dearly, rides and hunts. I don’t agree with her but I tolerate her position and, in a world where humans routinely impose suffering on animals, wild and farmed, on a scale which dwarfs fox hunting, I don’t feel inclined to impose my views on her even if I could. She allows fox hunting on her land; I don’t on mine. – Guy Watson, Riverford founder, on the firms facebook page



Young People and Democracy – What The Health?

1 hour radio show about young people and their involvment in democracy, starring Deej Sulivan, a cannabis campaigner, and Alex who is a student of politics. Presented by Chris Mockridge for Soundart Radio in conjuction with Health Watch Devon. Recorded on the same day that Devon Cannabis Club held this event

What The Health? Young People and Democracy by Christopher Mockridge on Mixcloud

Pot Smoking in Flower Pot Park

Devon Cannabis Club organised a public ‘smoke out’ in Flower Pot park in Exeter this Saturday attracting upto 150 smokers. The event aimed to raise awareness of the harms caused by prohibition and the potential benefits of smoking cannabis, particularly for people suffering diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

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